Practice - Practice - Practice


Have fun and be yourself is my motto when it comes to voice overs.
You always want to read like you are talking to your best friend,
not as though you are really reading.

Practice - Practice - Practice

I always thought that anyone could do voice-overs! Or, I can do a better job than that! Well, that is not always the case. You cannot just jump into voice-overs without some sort of training. It is like anything else you attempt to accomplish, it takes practice, effort and work.

Anyone can do voice-overs, however, you have to practice several hours a day, just as if you were going to continue to train your voice for singing, your ability to play the piano or any other instrument. The saying is true, “Practice Makes Perfect”, still holds in voice-overs.

First of all having access to a studio or the proper home equipment does wonders in your effort to train for your voice-over career. Having a quality computer, condenser microphone and a adequate mic/midi converter with a good audio program and a quite area is a great start.