You don’t have to have extensive education in Voice-Overs in order to make a living in this industry.



There are several myths about starting in the Voice-Over industry that are entirely untrue.

1. You have to have a certain type of voice in order to make it.

a. This is entirely untrue at least that is what I was told in the beginning. You do have to find the right niche for your particular voice and you do need to practice your craft just as though you would practice the piano or exercise your voice to sing.

2. You have to go to school or take a bunch of classes to learn how to be a Voice-Over talent.

a. No, going to school really does not teach you good voice-over techniques, however, taking a class from a noted voice-over talent would be of benefit if the class is teaching you how to work your voice for the benefit of the craft.

3. I’m too old or to young to do this, well I thought this too, I was in my 50’s when I started.

a. That is not correct, anyone can do this as long as you have the drive, ambition and educate yourself on the business and be prepared for a very large industry.

4. The established Voice-Over talent have the market.

a. This is just not true, there is so much work out there that once you find your niche and where your talent lies you can also make a good living while you are enjoying something fun and exciting,

5. I can’t do this because I have a day job.

a. Voice-Over’s can be done in a limited amount of time and in the privacy of your own home or studio.

6. This won’t work for me or everyone tells me this is a lost cause. I have heard that time and again.

a. People will always tell you this, it may be because they are jealous of your voice or ability or just to discourage you from trying something different. You probably tell yourself this just to keep yourself from really trying to attempt your dream.

7. I do not live in the right area or market for Voice-Overs.

a. In today’s market you can live anywhere and work from your home, office or a nearby studio. You do not have to go to auditions in person these days.

8. My voice isn’t good enough.

a. There you go again, stopping yourself before you even get started. Give yourself a chance to success and have loads of fun doing it.